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Book Restoration

Family bibles, photo albums, first editions and treasured family heirlooms can all be restored to their former glory using traditional binding techniques.  We follow the archival approach to book restoration, retaining as much of the original binding and character of the book is of paramount importance.

As no two restorations are ever the same, we assess your book thoroughly before discussing with you the possible options.  The restoration can be just a simple repair, or more complex with attention to every possible detail.   Pages can be repaired, cloth or leather replaced or restored and the finest materials chosen to enhance the former binding.    

If you require further information regarding our book restoration service, please complete and submit the form below.

Redying the covers.jpeg
Bible Before Restoration

Victorian Bible

Before restoration

Bible after restoration

Victorian Bible 

After restoration.  A new spine was created as the original spine was missing. 

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