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Don't Like to Give Vouchers? Ours Will Change Your Mind!

A gift voucher is a great option when you really can't decide what to give someone, or with so many options available, you feel that the person really needs to make the selection for themselves. 

However, the feeling that vouchers often don't look like much of a 'gift' often lingers.  Even though we've all heard that good things come in small packages, it can feel like you are not giving a gift all when you hand over the little plastic card, piece of card or email an e-voucher! 

We like everything we create to be a little bit special.  Whether it's a custom made album, or the experience of a bookbinding workshop, we really strive to add something extra to make it personal and unique.  That being said, we couldn't just settle for handing over a piece of paper when someone purchases a gift voucher.

Although the voucher itself is 'just' a printed piece of card.  We've tried to make it a little bit more special by placing it in a wax sealed handmade envelope enclosed in a soft leather wrap.  It's still a voucher - but with the tactile and tangible experience of receiving (and giving) a gift.

leather wrap style gift voucher
Gift voucher in wax sealed envelope
Gift voucher

Would you like to receive a voucher like this?  Let us know what you think in the comments below or click the link below to purchase a voucher for someone.